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Can't build with VS2015 under Qt Creator

  • I'm pulling my hair out.

    I downloaded the Qt version 5.7 for VS2015 64-bit. (Qt 5.7.0 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2015, 918 MB))
    I installed it.
    When I build projects, it always builds with mingw.
    It auto detects vs2015 compiler (32 and 64 bit), but won't let me build with them.
    Under "Qt Versions" it says "No compiler can produce code for this Qt version"...
    What am I doing wrong? I hate compiling with mingw because I want to use specific windows 64-bit libraries like "xinput".

    I really don't want to build qt myself. What am I missing?

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    Probably just a misconfiguration in your kits and project settings.
    Can you post a screenshot of the Compilers tab, Qt Versions tab with the version you want to use selected, the Kits tab with the kit you want to use selected and the Projects pane of your project?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Which version of Qt Creator are you using exactly ?

    Did you install VS2015 before or after Qt ?

    IIRC, there's a bug where the incorrect version of MSVC is searched for VS2015.

  • Qt Creator 4.0.3
    Based on Qt 5.7.0 (MSVC 2013, 32 bit)

    compilers tab
    kits tab
    projects pane
    qt versions

    I created a new project, so the projects pane only has the kit i'm trying to build with.

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    Hm, that's weird.
    Try this: close Qt Creator, go to %appdata%\QtProject\qtcreator directory and rename/move out a file named qtversion.xml. Open Qt Creator again and see if it re-detected the Qt version correctly this time.

  • Didn't seem to work.

    Should I install qt creator first or vs 2015?
    Also, I have the community edition, does that matter?

  • Hi, community edition is fine, but also check that the C++ compiler gets installed in Visual Studio (I think it's no longer installed by default, as in previous VS versions).

  • Yea, it's installed.
    I have the qt plugin installed into visual studio to create a solution from a .pro and things seem to compile.
    I'm debating on whether or not I should even bother with Qt Creator and just use Visual Studio at this point.

  • @Todd23434
    have you tried uninstalling whatever installed minGW? I run qt creator on all platforms except Windows though, as qt creator's debugger integration isn't as good as Visual Studio's imho.

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