How do we know Qt Assistant code from Qt source code

  • Hi

    i want to know how do we view Assistant code from Qt source code, as i have successfully compiled the Qt source code as mentioned in one of the earlier posts.

    Queries regarding the running the init-repository after downloading the Qt source codes which is solved.

    is qtdoc is the modules for Qt Assistant.?.

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  • Hi,

    i found the documentation how to build docs.

    i have a queries related to docs,
    i have made source directory and build directory separate.

    so i have to use the respective commands in build directory, to build the docs.?.

    and another query is qdoc separate from qtbase?.
    for documentation related we need to use qtdoc module?


  • I found the document in qtbase module regarding the instructions to be followed for compiling Qt Documentation.

    question is from which directory i should run qt source directory or qt-build directory?.

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    The build directory. Run make docs at the root of the build directory if you want to generate the documentation of all the modules you built.

  • @SGaist

    Thanks for the answer i used the command make docs in qt-build directory and the docs are generated in the respective path

    /root/qt-build/qtbase/doc , the doc folder got created . in build directory.

    is the documentation generated?.

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    It should be yes.

    Note: don't develop as root. It's a very bad idea.

  • @SGaist

    i have compiled qt5 source code and qt-build in root only, will it affect?.

    and one more question is how to get it to Qt creator, is my question correct.?.

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    What do you mean by "will it affect" ?

    Add Qt versions to Qt Creator

  • @SGaist

    affecting means , affecting the source code and the build of the qt source code?.

    yes @SGaist, i have configured the kit of my built qt source code. as mentioned in my previous post.

    Queries regarding the running the init-repository after downloading the Qt source code

    as mentioned early in this topics i used make docs command.

    i found in the read me text file, the below sections.

    Building the qdocconf File
    Building using make
    Building Qt Documentation
    Packaging the Documentation

    i have used one method of using the make command,
    QDoc and the configuration file (qdocconf) file. should i use the steps after make docs command.?.

    Please guide me.

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    No, the source code is just text files. What is going to happen is that everything that would usually fail as a normal user like accessing protected files (e.g. calling delete on /) won't even trigger a warning.

    The documentation has been built. What you have to do now is tell Qt Creator where to find it.

  • @raven-worx

    Thanks for the solution.
    Qt Documentation got generated. I have addded .qch files to Qt Creator and Qt Assisstant.

    Now using the custom built Assisstant.


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