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how to deploy 32 bit version of app on qt 64 bit and windows 8.1 64 bit

  • hello my friends.
    i create an application by qt creator 64 bit (v 3.4.2) , Qt ( v 5.5.0) , MSVC 2013 32bit on windows 8.1 64 bit .
    i was deploy the app and collecting it's needed dlls and it's worked on 64 bit OS . after some month the company i was worked said it's not work on 32 bit systems and it's force to work.
    please give me a simple solution that i can deploy it for 32bit os .
    and please give complete steps because i don't know much about this problem.
    and i want to know can i find that's needed dlls in my 64bit windows or not.
    thank u all very much

  • Hi,
    In your case the application is compiled in Qt 64bit which is suitable for windows 64bit Operating system.
    Compile application source code with Qt 32bit which can be used in both windows 32bit and 64bit.

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    @mjzarrin As @yuvaram said you first need to install Qt 32bit for your compiler (VS2013). Then you should have a new Kit in QtCreator for that Qt version and compiler. If there is no such Kit add one manually and select Qt 32bit and VS2013 32bit compiler. Rebuild your application using this Kit. Then use this tool to deploy it:

  • thank you @yuvaram and @jsulm
    i will try your solution.

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