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Integrate Java andriod studio into Qt

  • Hello,

    I have an app that is developed using Java in android Studio, this app contains 2 layouts and some java classes.
    My question is, Can I launch this layout from another app that is written in C++ android Qt?
    Meaning that I have my normal app that is written using Qt, and I want when specific button is pressed to launch the android studio app inside a not full screen window.

    Thanks for your help

  • Hi.

    I am pretty sure that you cant use an external layout to show up in Qt. But maybe it is sufficient to reuse exisiting java code? That is perfectly possible with Qt. Furthermore you have full connection to android functions itself. Maybe you should play around to start new activities that way? I know there are functions to start new activities like startActivity().

  • @Qojote said:


    Can you please give me an example?

  • I managed to do that but there is a question, Can I launch the activity not in full screen but in specific location.

  • Maybe the following link will help you:

  • @vamp89

    Well, i never heard that you can start an app in subwindows as this is quite unusual for mobile systems like android. What could work is to subclass a dialog like alertdialog or something... i would try this next if i had to do it.

  • I want to integrate an app that is already developed in Java android studio in another project already written with QT C++.
    I need the java app to be launched from the QT app but not as a separate app, but as one of its windows .

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