How to setup qt creator for Qt 5 development?

  • I checkout the source from the repository and found there is a file, so I opened it with qt creator, however, almost nothing works, F2 following symbol doesn't work for most of the symbols, and all include files are marked not found, building from qt creator is also unsuccessful.

    I tried to look for proper qt creator setup online, however, there is no information at all about how to setup qt creator for qt5 development. I am wondering if there is anything obvious that I am missing?


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    First thing: to build Qt from git follow this guide.

    There's a mandatory configuration step that you can not do from Qt Creator.

    Next: open only the module you want to hack on, and if it's qtbase, just open the part you'd like to work on.

    Taking qtbase only, the module is already over 18000 source files so trying to open all of Qt's sources at once is essentially a waste of resources.

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