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Send/Receive SmS With GsmModem

  • Hi
    I Want To Programming an Application With Qt That User Can
    Send And Receive Sms With Gsm Modems
    i Searched in the google for this and some sites Wrote a passage about

    QModemServicePlugin Class

    But i cant Find a Link in that sites or google For Access the Class

    Does anyone have information here that can help me do?

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    From what I see here it probably died with Qt 4. I have such code, but it's proprietary, so I can't share, sorry. You can implement it yourself though.

    You'd need the QtSerialPort module to communicate with the device and implement a limited subset of the AT communication protocol. After configuring the port and the modem, you basically issue +CMGS to send a message. While you can retrieve the SMS messages on the modem with +CMGL.

    Kind regards.

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