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Navigation and selection on a non-touch s60.

  • i have simple Qt app just with user interface (yet),User interface is working fine on s60 touch phone but some of controls Of Qt(toolbox and tabwidget) are not selectable on a non-touch device any ides how to make those selectable.

    please help

  • It seems that the focus policy ( of both QToolBox and QTabWidget has been explicitly set to Qt::NoFocus so they won't handle keypad navigation at all at the moment.

    I suggest you subclass them, set the focus policy to TabFocus, and then check out other classes like QSlider and QComboBox (search for #ifdef QT_KEYPAD_NAVIGATION) and check out how things are handled there, then do similar handling in your subclassed versions.

    Or just install an event filter and hack a less elegant solution :)

    (Alessandro, feel free to pitch in here :)

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