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QMAKE - VERSION adds number to build library file

  • I use VERSION to set the version number in application and libraries. When i build applications everything works fine. When building .dll files the first version number is added after the filename:

    TEMPLATE = lib
    TARGET = mylib

    compiles to "mylib2.dll"

    any ideas how to change that?

  • @ck_ee

    You can make your own dll name function and give it to the QtPlugin.
    QString MyPlugin :: pluginName() const {
    return "PlaugnNameWhateveryoulike";

  • this looks like too much work for a simple problem like that .. why am i forced to a certain naming policy!?

  • Qt Champions 2017

    For various reasons that's how windows' libraries ordinarily handle versioning (if you look the Qt 5 dlls, you'll see the same thing).
    On Linux it works as expected, I get:


    with tree additional symbolic links that point to the aforementioned shared object:


    If you want to manipulate the name of the target, use the TARGET variable.

    Kind regards.

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