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Class variable updating / QLabel | Thread

  • Hello guys , i'm totally new to Qt and i have installed the Visual studio add-in for Qt .
    I have some c++ knowledge but i'm kind of self-educated with programmations (mainly tutorial etc) so i make a lot of mistake ^^ .

    I was wondering where in your code the gui you are coding are 'updating' because if i want to update a class variable you'll need to :

    • Create a new Thread for updating those
    • Find where in your code the gui is updated to put your own update function

    I have a problem doing each of them , for the new thread i can't see how can i pass a class object through a LPVOID params .

    And finally i have tried to implement a push button which call a function to update the variable but it's not working either .

    Code :

    Class constructor :

    MaFenetre::MaFenetre() : QDialog()
    labelTime = new QLabel("TIME : " + timeString , this);
    	labelTime->move(800, 20);
    boutonRefresh = new QPushButton("Refresh", this);
    	boutonRefresh->move(600, 450);
    	QObject::connect(boutonRefresh, SIGNAL(pressed()), this, SLOT(update()));

    Class defenition :

    class MaFenetre : public QDialog // On hérite de QWidget (IMPORTANT)
    	QString timeString;
    public slots:
    	void update(){
    	QTime time = QTime::currentTime();
    	timeString = time.toString();
    private :
    	QPushButton *boutonRefresh;
    	QPushButton *boutonSettings;
    	QPushButton *boutonQuit;
    	QLabel *labelUserName;
    	QLabel *labelTime;
    	// PAGE 1
    	QGroupBox *box;
    	QGroupBox *box2;
    	QLabel *labelGame;
    	QLabel *labelVersion;
    	QLabel *labelPatch;
    	QLabel *labelDeveloppers;
    	QLabel *labelDriver;

    Thanks .

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What variable do you want to update ?

    Why do you think you need a thread for that ?

    On a side note, update is a QWidget non virtual slot so you can't use that name.

    In any case you should call labelTimr->setText("TIME :" + timeValue) to update the content of your QLabel.