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QtCharts - Logarithmic QDateTimeAxis

  • The software package I co-develop at work is dependent on Qt 4.8, but we plan to move to Qt 5 when we have time/funding. We currently depend on a third-party plotting package for our 2D data visualization, but we'd like to be able to use QtCharts when we upgrade.

    Some of our data sets are time-dependent and are often extrapolated hundreds or thousands of years in the future. As such, a logarithmic time scale would be quite useful, if not necessary to view the data in a truly meaningful manner.

    Can anyone provide guidance on properly extending QDateTimeAxis (, QLogValueAxis, or QAbstractAxis) to provide a logarithmic time scale as I've described?

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    Not a direct answer but the module being newly released as Open Source, you should bring this to the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

  • Thank you for pointing me to the mailing list. I'll post there in the hope someone can point me in the right direction.

  • I'm afraid my post in the Interest mailing list won't be approved by the moderator since it's been two weeks since I submitted it. Is there anyone here who has experience with creating custom axes for Qt Charts?

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    You should have subscribed to the mailing list. You message would have gone through directly.

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