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QT 5.7 with Android GCC 4.8

  • I would like to use Google Firebase with an Android application. When downloads the C++ SDK, the readme remarks this:

    • Known Issues
      • Android armeabi libraries must be linked with gcc 4.8.

    So, I've tried to configure QT to compile with gcc 4.8. To do it, I've created a new Kit on Build & Run configuration. On the Compiler option I've choosed "Android GCC (arm-4.8)".

    The project was recompiled with this new Kit, but when the application starts on the Android device, it crashes, with the message that does an illegal action.

    If I compile with the default kit (with gcc 4.9), the application starts. Is it possible to compile and run a QT 5.7 application with Android gcc 4.8?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You should build Qt with GCC 4.8 as well

  • @jsulm When you say "you should build Qt", are you saying that must be recompiled Qt or that if use gcc 4.8 must work?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @lqsa My guess is that you installed Qt for android which was build with a different version of GCC. In this case you should build Qt with GCC 4.8 as well not only your application.
    What is the error message exactly?

  • Ok, thanks.
    No message, only crash when start.

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