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QSoundEffect problem :/

  • Hi Qt Community ,

    So in my program , i have 1 QSound and 1 QSoundEffect that is configured in a certain volume .My QSoundEffect is brief , but the other QSound is used for background theme , the problem is when the brief sound is activated , it imposes its volume level on myother background sound , causing it to be almost muted.

    Any ideas :) ?
    I'll be grateful for your help.

  • I'm gonna lean out of the window a bit here.... Why not using QSoundEffect::setVolume() to lower the volume of the sound effect?
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding the problem... feel free to yell at me.

  • @Joel-Bodenmann

    Hhhh , don't feel like yelling right now :b
    But yeah , i don't think you understood clearly.

    The problem in other terms is visible in these small lines of code :

        backgroundTheme = new QSound("://sounds/Background.wav",this);
        correctAnswer.setSource(QUrl::fromLocalFile("://sounds/Correct Answer.wav"));

    As you can see , the QSoundEffect is set to low volume (because it's very loud) , while the QSound is in full volume , the problem is when i run the program , the background music is working just fine , but when the QSoundEffect plays , the background music's volume gets low (i think its volume got set to my QSoundEffect's volume)

    Any ideas how to fix that :) ?
    I'm afraid the answer can be really obvious ^^'

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    Take a look at this thread. Unless I'm mistaken it's still relevant for what you are experiencing.

  • @SGaist

    Huge thanks for the shared link :)


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