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Show Blog in Qt Creator

  • Hello.

    I want to show the blog in Qt Creator like here:

    How can i do this?


  • I'm not sure whether I understand you question.

    In case of you want to be able to show a blog section in your own Qt application: As far as I know there's nothing that will help you to do that. You'll have to write your own QWidget subclass that reads the information from a server using QtNetwork.
    If you're lucky then I'm completely wrong and somebody will start yelling soon :)

    If that doesn't answer your question, please try to be a bit more specific about what you want to archive.

  • This was not my question..

    On the picture in the image you see on the right side a section from qt blog in Qt Creator. I want to show this section in my Qt Creator.

    You understand?

  • In that case I won't be able to help, sorry.

    You can see that there's a Show Recent Blog Posts checkbox on the left side. That's something that none of the QtCreator versions I use have. Looking at the recent blog posts shown in that screenshot it seems like the QtCreator version is somewhere <= 3.3.0. So either this feature got removed in the more recent versions (4.0.2 is the current one) or it's a Mac OS X only feature (which I highly doubt).
    I'm sure that somebody can shed light on this.

    You would definitely have better changes of getting an answer to this if you post it in the correct forum. Maybe a moderator can move it.

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