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Qt Creator issues with QML Editor

  • Guys... does anyone of you have some issues when you try to write code in the QML Editor?? I'm a mac user and Qt Creator does not work as always... I have a lot of error on the code completion with QML (I didn't tested deeply with c++). Code completion changes words, change the cursor position automatically and somethings like that.

    I had not this troubles with qt 5.6, this problems comes when I update to Qt 5.7

    any advise about it?


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    Can you check which version of Qt Creator you are using ? It's under the About Qt Creator menu entry. The numbering is not the same since Qt Creator doesn't follow the Qt numbering as it is an independent product.

  • @SGaist

    Hi SGaist and thanks for your answer...

    The Qt Creator version is 4.0.2, Built on Jun 13 2016


  • Seriously guys... I hope that you fix the QML Editor because it's imposible to write code. Sorry, but it's the worst version of the QML Editor even when Qt 5.7 is the best Qt's version released ever.

    Is very unproductive fix the code completion over and over again.


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    You should check the bug report system to see if it's something known, if not please consider opening a new report providing as much detail as you can about your setup and provide a minimal sample project that triggers the problem you see.

  • Hi SGaist

    the error is while I'm typing, so there is no way to show the issue in a project. Can I notify the error without a project?


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    In that case, yes. Explain in details how to get there and what is happening e.g.

    1. start a new QtQuick project
    2. open main.qml file
    3. type "width: 20" in …

    insert detailed explanation of what you are getting

    You can add a screenshot of Qt Creator when it start acting up.

  • The bug was reporter here as you told me @SGaist


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