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How to put a pixel on window?

  • Hi Guys..

    I want to draw a RGB pixel on a window.
    but.. I dont find an API like a putPixel on C lib.

    Could you let me know how to put a RGB pixel on a window?
    thanks a lot

  • @hjpark Hi, and welcome to the Qt forum! Simply derive from QWidget and override its paintEvent method. You can then draw whatever you want inside there.

  • @Wieland Thanks a lot for your help.. I succeeded to draw a point with this code but I have to draw a point whenever getting some datas from a USB device. but, I don't know how to raise paintEvent manually when I want.
    It seems to be called when the widget showed but I don't know how to call paintEvent when I get a data from USB devie. pls help me again . thanks a lot.

    void Widget::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *event)

    QPainter painter;


  • Once you received new data and want the widget to be painted again just call this function on it: [slot] void QWidget::update(), see also: QWidget Class.

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