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Qt installer: "Not enough space for temporary files!"

  • When having temporary folders on a ram disk installer fails with message about 0.00 bytes avialable for temporary storage.

    I wrote more than year ago about installing with Qt Installer and got answer that this was not a general problem.

    Today I tryed to istall Qt 5.7 and I again get same problem on pretty much fresh windows install. Furthermore I actually forgott about this bug, and did a quick Google search whtich revealed tons of people having same problem, so it obivously is a general problem by now!

    What is problem? There is a bug somewhere in your installer, probably in the way how you obtain env variables. No other programs have ever complained, so I suppose your installer does some "extra work" which it probably should't and probably messes up.

    By the way can't you just put files in a zip or 7z archive and let us use it instead of your broken installer which anyways just copies files over to the disk.

    I am sorry if I sound a bit negative, but that is just annoying bug. I actually run with tmp & temp dirs on a ram disk, but just for the sake or this installer I had to switche them to a hard drive, to get it to work. It's not like I am gonna die of too much hard work, but it still took some time to recall what was problem, and it probably shouldn't be that way.

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    You should rather bring this to the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

  • @SGaist :) Ähh ... Another channel ... they already force me to create two accounts :-) Thanks for answer.

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    @qtnoob248 You do sound a little negative ;) Take a little distance to it. It's software development world ;)

    I know you take it personally, but ramdisks really are not a general thing. Yes, it's annoying for you and some other people. Report a bug or vote for an existing if there is one. You'll probably say "no", but you can also compile it yourself from source. It takes like 15 minutes to do it, probably even faster with a ramdisk.

    As for accounts - what two accounts? Qt has a unified account now for bugtracker, forum, code review etc. For a mailing list you need, well, a mail address. What's your beef with that?

  • @Chris-Kawa Njah, I had to make one account to download Qt, another one to participate in forum. No idea why unification does not work for me, but it does not :). I always have to log in twice, and you want me to subscribe to 1002:nd mailing list too! :)

    I used to compile Qt myself, last time probably about some two years back, and it took quite some time, about 45 -minutes, hour if not more, I don't remember any longer. I am not full time qt developer, I need it just occasionally so I don't care to have everything compiled and optimized the way I wan't so I figured out it should be faster to just download and install binaries.

    I don't know if ram disks are general or not, but they will be. If you have 16+gig ram, or as currently 32, it would be a waste not to configure a ram disk. I used to have 2 gig and it really does speed up things from pulling from git and compiling. I recommend.

    But honestly, Qt installer should not care less about what storage media temp folder is! At least not on an OS that does proper enviornemnt managment for processes to run in like Windows or Linux. I have used ramdisk for years and no other installer have ever complained but Qt installer.

    Now for the best fun, I am trying to install it on a brand new machine, totally clean, and I get installer going untill it writes very last file "maintance tool". It fails with "can not find file" and rolls back entire setup :-). I think they are probably doing some things that are better obviously left to OS to do. Sorry if you find this negative, I am quite aware what develompent means, and I am aware I get it for free. But don't you think it is a tad bit frustrating when you can't just copy over some files due to a bug that has been there for months. If they had those binaries in a simple zip file it would be piece of cake, a ½ minute job ot just decompress to place where you want them.

    Sorry if my negativity bothers you, hope you get a nice day anyway :).

    I did sign for the mailing list, but it is still waiting approval seems like :-).

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    Seems to be a known bug.

    To help get them fixed, you should provide additional information about your current setup to help reproduce it and get it fixed. You shouldn't any other account for that.

  • @SGaist Yeah I know, I am just chilling and having fun. As I noted above, I did sign for the mailing list, I am waiting for approval before I can trouble them too :-).

    Thanks for pointing out bug item.

    Just for the record, I changed temp paths to be on a "noraml" drive just to install it, and it worked fined untill the installer the last file which failed (I have 1tb or storage avialable).

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    Waiting for approval on signup ? That's strange, you should have gotten an activation email AFAIK. The only time I had approval delays was when I sent an email from the wrong account.

  • @SGaist I have a mail specially just for mailing lists, it always works, but I didn't got a response yet. Oh, and I can only post every 300th second :-)

  • Online installer worked. I still have temp on ordinary drive not on ramdisk, and it didn't choked on "writing maintance tool".

  • @qtnoob248 said:

    Online installer worked.

    Does this mean that you found a solution to this? I am currently facing the exact same problem as noted in the bug report.

    I understand that this is definitely a very very very low priority issue for the responsible devs. Sadly it's just a real pain for the people that are affected by it. One of the users of my application has to shut down the RAM disk each time he wants to update the application. This invovles shutting down the RAM disk, manually changing the TEMP variable, logging out and back in of Windows, downloading the update using the maintenance tool I created (with QTIFW), changing the TEMP variable back, enabling the RAM disk again and logging out and back in of Windows again... I can only imagine how many tears this sheds.

  • This problem is related in particular to ImDisk which is the most common (and technically the most problem free) Ram disk for Windows. It may also occur for other Ram Disk software.

    It relates to the Qt Installer requiring the FindFirstVolume/FindNextVolume API which is not supported (and it shouldn't need to be) for many Ram Disks.

    To say this is a minor issue and is uncommon is NOT true. It is becoming more and more frequent (and a google search quickly demonstrates this).

    The reason this is becoming more frequent is simple; with the advent of SSD disks becoming common-place it is also becoming common for people to create Ram Disks for temporary drives to reduce write wear on their SSD's. Every one knows that Windows is write heavy with temporary files and adding a Ram disk for the temporary directories can significantly increase the practical working life span of an SSD.

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    Nobody is questioning the usefulness of ramdisks - they are useful in some scenarios.
    Nobody is saying that there is no issue nor that it is minor - there is a bug and it needs a fix.
    Finally, nobody is denying that the bug sounds very annoying to the people it affects - I'm glad it's not me ;)

    To say ramdisks are common among Qt users is a bit of a stretch though. "Common" would bo, what, a 10% of them lets say? Qt and the software it is part of has millions of users. I hardly believe that percentage is anywhere near that (but I could be wrong, I'd love to see some numbers if they exist). Google search for ramdisk problems is... well, I can find dozens of current problems with DOS and they are very real as well but I hope we agree these are not "common" among PC users. It's not a good measure.

    Qt is an open source project - these are driven by popular demand. This issue is confirmed and reported but apparently sneaking under the radar of the devs. Just to illustrate: on one of the reported bugs the comment is: what is a ramdisk?. If you want it fixed create some momentum for it - talk to the devs (e.g. on mailing list or irc). If you know how to fix it that would probably be the fastest way. Here you'll just get some "me too!" comments.

  • I'm Having the same problem. "Not enough disk space"
    Is that too much to put an option in the installer: "Choose where temporary files are stored".
    What pain in the ass just to install Qt... such a simple problem they can't fix it...

  • Company is full of dickheads to leave this issue outstanding.


    Not enought disk space to store all selected components! 166.47 MB are available while 886.32 MB are at least required.

    That's my boot drive. There is 500 GB available on the drive I want to install to and Temp environment variable is pointed to that drive too.

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    @flywire said in Qt installer: "Not enough space for temporary files!":


    Would be nice if you would avoid such words.

  • @Joel-Bodenmann said in Qt installer: "Not enough space for temporary files!":

    manually changing the TEMP variable, logging out and back in of Windows, downloading the update

    Seems the TMP variable is more important. Also need to create the directories the variables are pointing to or install fails.

  • in linux, i run sudo mount -o remount,size=5G /tmp/ to solve this problem.

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