Where does QtCreator 4 store project build settings for Imported Projects on Windows?

  • In QtCreator Help they say that project settings are stored in .pro and .pro.user, but I don't see those files in my project folder. Still, the project settings are persisted correctly and stay there between QtCreator restarts. I have looked into .config, .files, .includes and also ran a text search for some build-specific strings I'm using in entire project folder and also in the QtCreator installation folder, but nothing could be found.

    Maybe the reason is that I have used Import Existing Project with my own sources and Makefile, and for these projects QtCreator stores build settings elsewhere, not in .pro files.

    Where are project build settings stored? I would like to share them with my team because they have similar system setup.

  • @midix
    C:/Users/<USER>/AppData/Roaming/QtProject in Win7

  • I found lots of files in

    but none of them seem to contain the values I entered into my Build Settings (except QtCReator.ini which contains some command .History entries).

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    @midix What about PROJECT_NAME.creator.user? I just tried and got this file where I can see build settings.

  • @jsulm Thank you, yes, that was it. Strange, that I could not find it sooner. I got misled by Help and Google, which always led me to .pro and .pro.user files.

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