Flicker with QOpenGLWidget when fullScreen and frameLess window

  • Hi,

    There is a problem when using a QOpenGLWidget in a full screen frameless widget.

    I have 3 screens, and when the widget is on the "main" screen (the one with the Windows toolbar), each time I click outside then inside the widget, there is a flicker on all screens.

    It happens if the widget is frameless AND fullscreen. If it is frameless and only one pixel smaller or bigger than fullscreen, then there is no flicker.

    Nicolas Krieger

  • Hi @Nicolas-Krieger ,

    AFASIK, this flcikering is causing because of the back ground.

    Qt::WA_NoSystemBackground might help you.

  • Unfortunately not.

    I have found a bug report for this problem :

    A comment in bugreport gives something to try but it has no effect.

    I use Qt 5.5.1

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Yes, there was a bug with the fullscreen and OpenGL. My advice is to go in pseudo-fullscreen (i.e. you set the window geometry to be the size of the screen + 1 pixel in height), this used to be a work around for that issue.

    Kind regards.

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