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Camera QML preview problem

  • Tried to set fillMode: VideoOutput.PreserveAspectCrop flag in VideoOuput, but front face Camera's preview on Samsung GT-I9190 is stretched. On other devices (of course, not tested on all devices) Camera's preview (front face and back face) have right default aspect ratio and resolution. Also tried "QML Camera example" from Welcome->Example - the same error with preview.
    Is that a bug? Can I fix this problem somehow?

  • Sounds like a bug if it works in other Samsungs and not in that one. First step in fixing: You don't mention the Qt version you use (...always one of the first things to mention...). Try the latest one, 5.7, which appears to be out or Release Candidate even if not properly published yet https://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.7/5.7.0/502/

  • @mvuori Tried to build *.apk on Qt 5.7.0 RC - the same error. I think, that bug for a long time.

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