Always display the visual index number of a QHeaderView after sorting

  • Is it possible to always display the visual index instead of the logical index so the header names show row numbers in ascending order even after sorting a model?

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    AFAIK, you'll have to implement that yourself.

    What kind of model are you using ?

  • @SGaist
    Thanks for you reply.
    I'm using a QAbstractTableModel so I'm already implementing the headerData(int, Qt::Orientation, int) method and return header values for the Qt::Horizontal orientation. I don't know though if this is the right place to make this work, e.g for the Qt::Vertical orientation. The data structure of the model is a QMap<int,QSqlRecord*> so the entries are automatically sorted in ascending order. Then I pass this model to a QSortFilterProxyModel and sort in descending order before I display the entries in a QTableView.

  • You might want to reimplement QSortFilterProxyModel::headerData to just return something like "visualIndex()" or "row()", without actually querying the source model. I am not sure if one could consider that a clean solution, but I think it is at least a very simple one.

  • @thEClaw
    Well, since you were worried about how clean your solution was, I thought I should come up with a nastier hack: -): I'm storing the ints in my map as negative numbers and then I retrieve the "real" numbers in the model's data() method like this:

    if (item.column() == 2) {
            int fake = recordsMap.keys().at(item.row());
            return abs(fake);

    At least everything works and displays fine now.

    I fiddled a lot with visualIndex() and logicalIndex() but couldn't find a way to make this work, so I'm keeping this for the time being. Thanks anyway for your suggestion!

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