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Need Suggestions on Qt Widget Application or Qt Quick UI

  • Hi,
    I am aiming to create an application where there will be pre loaded example (3D data). And the user swipes left/right and selects the example he want to view. Internally i will be using openGL and performing ray casting techniques.

    After a bit of googling i find
    In new project one can select

    1. Application ->Qt Widget Application
    2. Other Projects-> Qt Quick UI ( QML Language ) . After running a test run it is not creating any executable file.

    Which do u guys suggest ? Any pro's and cons ?

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    You might be interested by the Qt3D module for that task.

  • Hi @SGaist thanks for the reply.

    I have gone through documentation lightly. It is very interesting. In order to create these kind of applications. Which options should i choose?
    new project-> (Qt Widget application / Qt Quick application/ Qt Quick U/ Qt canvas 3d application).

    Secondly I found out that in the QT documentation in Examples sections there is qt3d and also qtcanvas3d are they fundamentally different ?

    I also found that most of the examples use qml. Is it using QML language is advantageous over c++ in order to take advantage of many predefined functions in QT?

    I am really sorry, that a lot of questions ?

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    This might be good to read

    QML is a completely other language than c++ so its hard to say if "better" but
    for this task with 3D, it could be easier to get doing than c++.
    C++ give you access to same functions but QML might be more high level
    to work with.

    I would try out a QML 3d application to feel how it is to work with before deciding what to use.

    also this book is super

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    To add to @mrjj, QML should not be seen as a replacement for C++. It gives you a nice and easy way to build your GUI while you can integrate easily with C++ to do the heavy lifting.

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