Can't get QWT plugin to show up in creator

  • Re: QWT plugin not found/loaded [SOLVED]

    I looked at the post referenced above, and have a similar situation. I have installed the QWT library exactly as recommended here:
    I have added the following to my .bashrc

    export QMAKEFEATURES=/usr/local/qwt-6.1.2/features
    export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=/usr/local/qwt-6.1.2/plugins/designer:$QT_PLUGIN_PATH

    Still, the widgets don't show up in designer.

    I tried QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 and running qtcreator, and get the following :
    QFactoryLoader::QFactoryLoader() checking directory path "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/accessiblebridge" ...
    QFactoryLoader::QFactoryLoader() checking directory path "/usr/bin/accessiblebridge" ...
    QFactoryLoader::QFactoryLoader() checking directory path "/usr/local/lib/qwt-6.1.2/plugins/accessiblebridge"

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Did you compile qwt using the same version of Qt used to build Qt Creator ?

  • @bbell Hi! This worked for me:

  • Thanks for the hint Weiland. The install seemed to go seamlessly, however, I still do not see any QWT widgets in designer. Programmatically, QWT is working fine. I don't know what I am missing.
    Here is some output from qtcreator:

    $ qtcreator -version

    Qt Creator 3.0.1 based on Qt 5.2.1

    AnalyzerBase 3.0.1 Code Analyzer Base Plugin
    Android 3.0.1 Support for deployment to and execution on Android Devices
    AutotoolsProjectManager 3.0.1 Autotools project integration.
    BareMetal 3.0.1 This plugin adds a target for bare metal development.
    Bazaar 3.0.1 Bazaar integration.
    BinEditor 3.0.1 Binary editor component.
    Bookmarks 3.0.1 Bookmarks in text editors.
    CMakeProjectManager 3.0.1 CMake support
    CVS 3.0.1 CVS integration.
    ClassView 3.0.1 Class View component.
    ClearCase 3.0.1 ClearCase integration.
    CodePaster 3.0.1 Codepaster plugin for pushing/fetching diff from server
    Core 3.0.1 The core plugin for the Qt IDE.
    CppEditor 3.0.1 C/C++ editor component.
    CppTools 3.0.1 Tools for analyzing C/C++ code.
    Debugger 3.0.1 Debugger integration.
    Designer 3.0.1 Qt Designer integration.
    DiffEditor 3.0.1 Diff editor component.
    FakeVim 3.0.1 VI-style keyboard navigation.
    Find 3.0.1 Provides the find widget and the hooks for find implementations.
    GLSLEditor 3.0.1 Editor for GLSL.
    GenericProjectManager 3.0.1 Generic support
    Git 3.0.1 Git integration.
    Help 3.0.1 Help system.
    ImageViewer 3.0.1 Image Viewer component.
    Ios 3.0.1 Support for deployment to and execution on iOS Devices
    Locator 3.0.1 Provides the Locator widget and the hooks for Locator filter implementations.
    Macros 3.0.1 Macros in text editors.
    Mercurial 3.0.1 Mercurial integration.
    Perforce 3.0.1 Perforce integration.
    ProjectExplorer 3.0.1 ProjectExplorer framework that can be extended with different kind of project types.
    PythonEditor 3.0.1 Editor and file creation wizards for Python. Example plugin for QtCreator API demonstration.
    QbsProjectManager 3.0.1 QBS support
    QmakeProjectManager 3.0.1 Provides project type for Qt/QMake .pro files and tools.
    QmlDesigner 3.0.1 Visual Designer for QML files.
    QmlJSEditor 3.0.1 Editor for QML and JavaScript.
    QmlJSTools 3.0.1 Tools for analyzing Qml/JS code.
    QmlProfiler 3.0.1 Qml Profiler Plugin
    QmlProjectManager 3.0.1 Qt Quick support
    Qnx 3.0.1 Adds support for QNX and BlackBerry 10 to Qt Creator
    QtSupport 3.0.1 Provides support code for build systems.
    RemoteLinux 3.0.1 Support for deployment to and execution on a remote Linux host.
    ResourceEditor 3.0.1 Editor for qrc files.
    Subversion 3.0.1 Subversion integration.
    TaskList 3.0.1 Use .tasks-files to populate the Issues view.
    TextEditor 3.0.1 Text editor framework and the implementation of the basic text editor.
    Todo 3.0.1 Adds pane that lists all TODO, FIXME, etc. entries in comments.
    Valgrind 3.0.1 Valgrind Plugin
    VcsBase 3.0.1 Version Control System Base Plugin
    Welcome 3.0.1 Default Welcome Screen Plugin

    (C) 2014 Digia Plc

    $ qmake --version
    QMake version 3.0
    Using Qt version 5.2.1 in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu

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