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    I am running a server with QThreadPool to manage worker threads. I have a GUI I'd like to update from inside a thread managed by the QThreadPool. I am having trouble figuring out how to connect the proper slots and signals so that my Runnable object can update my GUI on the main thread. How is this done?

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    You can't modify a GUI element from a worker thread. You can use e.g. a worker object that you will connect to your GUI before moving it to a different thread.

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  • First create a Slot in your GUI Object.
    Lets say you have an QWidget. Than you have to create a private slot like :

    private slots:
        void updateMyGui();    

    Then create a signal in your Runnable object.

        void notifyGUI();

    And now when your create your Runnable object pass your widget as a pointer and simply connect your runnable signal tour your gui object slot :

    connect(this, SIGNAL(notifyGUI()), guiObjectPointer, SLOT(updateMyGui()));

    When you want to update your gui in your runnable you have to emit notifyGUI signal :

    emit notifyGUI();

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