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How to learn Qt Advanced level?

  • Hi, this question is for quite experienced guys who has learned Qt quite deep.
    My level of understanding of high-level programming with Qt is intermediate and even upper, however I want to learn internal work of Qt,
    From what should I start, where can I find full sources of Qt classes like QObjct, QList, QQuickItem, etc ?

  • @Kofr Hi, you can download the entire source code with the installer or directly on the website. Just look in the /src folder..
    In order to gain an in deep knowledge of Qt's internal I would recommend doing a master's degree at your local University and reading through Qt source code.. that should cover it.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi, is the central repository of all Qt's code.

    Start from the qtbase module to have the basic pieces. If you would like to learn the internal, helping fixing bugs will also give you a better understanding of how things are working.

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