qodbc3 unable to execute statement unknown data type 0x00

  • Hi.

    It seems each single line of code related to this driver is gonna take one month to debug.

    Well. After having spent probably one month fixing a crazy issue in libqsqlodbc.so that was due to the Gentoo build system, I finally managed to get some meaningful data from my db connection.

    Now, however, I can't even "SELECT singleField FROM SomeTable", because the driver seems unable to understand such a complex query.

    QODBCResult::exec: Unable to execute statement: "[FreeTDS][SQL Server]La secuencia del protocolo de llamada a procedimiento remoto (RPC) de la secuencia de datos tabular (TDS) entrante es incorrecta. ParĂ¡metro 1 (\"\"): el tipo de datos 0x00 es desconocido."

    Which in LC_ALL=C means something like: "QODBCResult::exec: Unable to execute statement: "[FreeTDS][SQL Server]The protocol for remote procedure call (RPC) of the incoming tabular data stream (TDS) is incorrect. Parameter 1 (""): data type 0x00 is unknown."

    I can't even start to imagine what will happen when I'll introduce some joins and unions in the middle of that. This is not being a pleasant trip. I am quite bored of wasting my time. I've used several other drivers in the past and nothing ever compared to this odbcrap thing at all.


    Things I have tried: many variants of string type, from qstring to plain text. I know it's not that anyway because to my surpirse I managed to run this other query without problems:

    UPDATE Articulos SET BloqueoAlbaranVenta=-1 WHERE CodigoArticulo='TXT'

    That one worked, heh, at least I can put stuff into tables, that's nice if I don't care about not being able to retrieve it.

    I also tried to configure both, odbc*.ini and freetds.conf for tds protocol 7.3 (which seems to be for mssql 2008, the one I am being forced to use). I also tested 8, but the freetds home page says 8 is a dope and it is interpreted as 7.1.

    Connecting to the database works, updating tables works, select doesn't work. I have tried * instead of field names, nonsense of course. But this is getting a bit exasperating.

    And now, I'll better forget about this for a couple hours.

    If anyone can suggest something, please, bear with me and go on, any idea will be appreciated.

    Thanks beforehand.

  • I updated freetds from 0.91 (gentoo stable) to 1.0 (unstable which got added only a few days ago). Now I can use SELECT. Fingers crossed.

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