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¿Where are the examples?

  • I just installed QTcreator in Kubuntu 16.04 LTS, all works fine but there are ZERO examples, the examples screen is empty, please, can you help me about that?

  • Hi @atacar, and welcome :)

    Do you have the Qt examples [K]ubuntu packages installed? eg

    • qt3d5-examples
    • qtbase5-examples
    • qtconnectivity5-examples
    • qtdeclarative5-examples
    • qtlocation5-examples
    • qtmultimedia5-examples
    • qtpositioning5-examples
    • qtquick1-5-examples
    • qtquickcontrols5-examples
    • qtscript5-examples
    • qtsensors5-examples
    • qtsvg5-examples
    • qtsystems5-examples
    • qttools5-examples
    • qtwebkit5-examples
    • qtwebsockets5-examples
    • qtxmlpatterns5-examples

    If not, maybe start with qt5base-examples.


  • Yes, that was the issue, I am installing that packages, the thing is a few years ago I installed QTcreator in Ubuntu 12.04 and the examples was included in the main installation, but not was the case in this version of Kubuntu but I can fix it with your help, Thanks! And - If I can - have another question, I understand it may be theme for another string, but I am trying to run a proyect (Papagayo-master Qt source project, from Marblelost) and it print an error: "QMediaPlayer: No such file or directory"

  • Glad I could help :)

    @atacar said:

    QMediaPlayer: No such file or directory

    Looks like that's in the qtmultimedia5-dev package.


  • ammm that do not works... Now I still looking for QmediaPlayer and QtWidgets, not in qtbase5-dev... :(

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    QMediaPlayer is in the qtmultmediawidgets module so you have to add QT += multimediawidgets to your .pro file.

    And to work with the standard set of widgets you need QT += widgets in your .pro file.

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