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Return back from fullscreen on Mac

  • Hello.

    Today i faced with one problem with Qt 5.5 on Mac. If i calls showNormal right after showFullScreen, it does not work correct. I stay on separate desktop and it is gray. Looks like widget is stay full screen. Here is my test code:

    int main(int argv, char **args)
    QApplication app(argv, args);
    QWidget window;;
    return app.exec();

    Is it bug in Qt or i do something wrong?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Why should the widget be closed?
    You do not close it.


    is it still in full-screen mode or just maximized?

  • @jsulm Sorry, i was i little wrong. Widget is full screen after showNormal(). I have the same problem if i call hide instead of showNormal.

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