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Building a shared library on Qt

  • hi, guys

    I'm trying to build a library by using some classes I got (file .h and .cpp) , I have a problem to include the classes headers to use them to create easier functions to the client
    I hope it's clear for you.
    if you have an idea for the problem let me know
    thank you

    excellent day.

    qt code:

    .h file :

    #ifndef MOSTBIBLIO_H
    #define MOSTBIBLIO_H

    #include "./files/flie1.h"
    #include "./files/flie2.h"
    #include "./files/flie3.h"
    #include "./files/flie4.h"
    #include "./files/flie5.h"
    #include "./files/flie6.h"
    #include "./files/flie7.h"
    #include "./files/flie8.h"

    #include "mostbiblio_global.h"


    // example :can't instantiate file1 .....


    #endif // MOSTBIBLIO_H

  • Try to use INCLUDEPATH in your .pro instead, maybe your program has problem dealing with relative paths.
    INCLUDEPATH=absolute path to directory of .files/include
    run qmake, and try to insert your .h files
    try both "include "files/flieX.h" and "flieX.h" to see if there's any kind of autocompletion, and if so, that should work

  • Moderators

    Also what is the exact error you're getting?

  • hi, guys

    I fixed the problem, it was the path thank you.