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  • Hi guys!
    There is a QLabel on my ui form which is as an image (I set "pixmap" property). So now, I want to let the use to drag and drop this image to Windows Explorer and shop graphic application (like Photoshop). How to do that?!

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    and for
    "shop graphic application"
    you can use

    and openUrl

    "If the URL is a reference to a local file (i.e., the URL scheme is "file") then it will be opened with a suitable application instead of a Web browser."

    That will open the app user has for the image type.

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    So to enable drops to the filesystem you should add a file urls (using QMimeData::setUrls() for example).
    For photoshop it might be enough to set a image on the mimedata (using QMimeData::setPixmap())

    Take a look at the Delayed encoding example.

    The interesting part here is the QMimeData::retrieveData() overload. This method gets called when a drop happens.

    So when a drop to the filesystem happens the mimedata requests the data and calls retrieveData(). In there you write your pixmap data to a temporary image file. For that you can use QTemporaryFile class for example. Write the data to the temporary file and return the url to the file. Mime-Type: "text/uri-list"

    Analog for the pixmap image. Simply return the QPixmap. Mime-Type: "image/png"
    Actually it could also be necessary to return the PNG binary data. I am not sure. This can be done like this:

    QPixmap pixmap;
    QByteArray data;
    QBuffer buffer(&data);
    pixmap.save(&buffer, "PNG");

    The advantage of this approach is that you only create the drop data when necessary. Especially the temp file used for drops to the filesystem.

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