UDP only working one way

  • Hello,

    My Windows PC, Ubuntu VM, and Raspberry Pi are all on a LAN, and I have built the Qt UDP client and server examples on all three. It works when the VM or Pi are sending, but not when my Windows PC is sending. I havent changed any code, the ports are all the same as the default example's. Does anyone know why this might happen? Thank you.

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    Firewall on your Windows PC?

  • I dont think that is it. I have tried disabling it all together and I get the same results. On top of that, even when it is ok, the outbound connection setting is set to Allowed (default).

  • @Hyprodimus-Prime

    Just to clarify:

    On what platform is the server running?
    Are all incomming connections allowed on each device?

  • @the_

    Server is Windows, Virtual machine is Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi is running Raspbian.
    Only the Windows machine has a firewall, and communication doesnt work even when it is off.

    Pi->Windows : OK
    Pi->Ubuntu: OK
    Pi->Pi local: OK
    Ubuntu->Windows: OK
    Ubuntu->Pi: OK
    Ubuntu->Ubuntu local: OK
    Windows->Windows local: OK
    Windows->Ubuntu: Not OK
    Windows->Pi: Not OK

  • Solved:
    I was using QHostAddress::Broadcast which is
    I needed to have the local IP subnet 192.168.137 and then .255 for multicast.

    I am assuming that it is not a windows thing, it is just an feature of being the LAN host?

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