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From Windows Desktop to WinRT (Store App)

  • Hello !
    I am on the way to a mobile app on a windows-phone. First I tried a version on my Windows 10 PC as a Store-App. After some compile and dll issues I was able to run my program as a winrt app.
    The result was very sobering.
    The GUI does not work really. There are some strage issues:

    • After opening and closing a modal dialog the former windows will be draw in a strange form. The form seem more or less random. Sometime I get the correct drawn picture, then I get only a white plane, then a black, then a strange pixel map, than a clipped copy of an other window and so on. Sometimes I see not the new dialog although it is open because I can click on its (invisible) buttons.
      If I resize the window all gets correct.

    • For a entry in the main-menu pops up a big rectange of a copy on a other window part (sometime flipped vertical), sometimes I get a white, black or pixel-chaos and sometimes it works correct.

    • A mouse-over hint gives mostly pixmap describe above and the app freezes for about 5 second. Then the picture dissepears and all works again.

    • Moving the window to an other "monitor" gives wrong mouse-position calculations.

    I can give much more examples. One can say the app-gui doesn not work in winrt.

    What the hell is it? I heard that Qt runs nearly everywhere.
    Who has experiences with winrt and can help?

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    You may have found a bug. You should check the bug reports system to see if it's something known. If not, please consider opening a new report providing a minimal compilable example that shows that behavior.

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