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Integrating QWT into designer?

  • Hi pros,
    i´ve got the next "bigger" problem i can´t solve...
    i try to install some more widgets to the designer, mainly.
    I´ve downloaded the qwt-6.1.2, unzipped it, opened the .pro with qt-creator and compiled it succesfully. After this i copied the .dylib from the qwt folder into 5.6/clang_64/plugins/designer folder, but the designer just ignores this?? In fact if i use tools -> forms -> over plugins i can just see the QQuickWidget file?!
    What do i´m wrong? Is it really so hard to install some widgets??


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    1. the plugins need to go to <DIR-OF-QTCREATOR>/bin/plugins/designer
    2. the Qt version (QtCreator was built with) need to match to the Qt version used for building the designer plugin

    You can see the QtCreator build version in the info dialog.

  • Hi! See this thread: https://forum.qt.io/topic/65513

  • Thanks for reply!
    I´ve tested both solutions, but nothings changes... i´ve only installed the 5.6 QT-Version on my machine, so it is definitive the right version i used for compiling.
    By the way, i´m working on a mac...

    @Wieland: There was no error at all while compiling or doing the steps from your post...

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    Just to be sure, check what version of Qt was used to build your Qt Creator. It's in "About Qt Creator".

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