QtMultimedia work with Gstreamer 1.0

  • How can I get QtMultimedia build and linked against Gstreamer1.0 instead of Gstreamer 0.10 on Qt5.6?. On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS the default gstreamer version is 1.0.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    As silly as it may sound, just build the module by hand. If you used one of the installer, grab the sources from there and then usual combo applies: qmake, make, make install. Note that you will need the development package of GStreamer installed. Also, use the full path to qmake when you build QtMultimedia.

  • Hi,
    I will try this. Now I have to learn how to activate gstreamer 1.0 instead 0.10.


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    Call configure --help to have all the options available. IIRC it's something like -gstreamer 1.0

  • I build qtmultimedia from Qt5.6 source with qmake -r GST_VERSION=1.0, make, make install. Then I rebuild application that uses qtmultimedia with Qt5.6 and video don't work, sound from video is played, video window is black.
    Maybe I miss some steps.

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    Did you install GStreamer 1.0 plugins packages ?

  • Yes all Gstreamer 1.0 plugins packages are installed. Video examples from Qt5.6 works as expected.

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    Just to be sure I understand things correctly, the Qt Multimedia example is working just fine but your application is missing the video part ?

    What are you doing differently to setup your video widget ?

  • I'm trying to compile this program https://github.com/mcallegari/qlcplus

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    Then you should contact the authors of that project about that matter.

  • Sorry to "reactivate" this post again but I am stuck with the same problem. I I am running qt on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and using Qt 5.7 installed by and online installer. How can I enable the QtMultimedia with Gstreamer 1.0? I see that it's possible to build the QtMultimedia sources and configure them to use 1.0, but I don't have the knowledge how can I do that, if I read this post correctly. Can you provide so more deep information on how to do that building?

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    @sbenejam wrote it:

    qmake -r GST_VERSION=1.0
    make install

    qmake must be the one from the Qt version you want to modify.

  • @SGaist Solved! Thank you !

  • Sorry if my question is silly but i built the QtMultimedia with
    "qmake -r GST_VERSION=1.0
    make install" but how to replace this QtMultimedia with the old Multimedia in my Qt5.7. Just copy and paste some folder from new QtMultimedia to old Multimedia or what should i do? . Can anyone please tell me.

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    @tamolo I would expect "make install" to put the new libs in your old installation if you used the correct qmake.

  • @jsulm Thank you for your reply but i don't understand. Can you show me the details.
    Path to Qt5.7 is home/Qt5.7 (all the library is here)
    Path to QtMultimedia is home/QtMultimedia ( haven't built with qmake)
    Now i want to replace the QtMultimedia library in home/Qt5.7 by the new one in home/QtMultimedia.
    Can you please show me the details?

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    @tamolo You used qmake from home/Qt5.7 to build QtMultimedia, right? In this case make install should copy it to home/Qt5.7. If it did not then you still can copy the stuff manually. Actually, if you call "make install" you see what it is installing where.

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