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Running digiKam

  • I'm trying to run digiKam in Qt Creator and I accidentally set the wrong path. Now every time I click on [Run CMake], it creates a new build folder there.

    Instead I want to change the path to build folder of digiKam, so as to run CMakeLists.txt successfully.

    How can I do this?

  • @Swati Hi! In Qt Creator, on the left side there is "Welcome", "Edit", "Design", "Debug", "Projects", [...]. Click on "Projects" there. Note: You must open your project before that.

  • @Wieland Yes, I clicked on Open Project-> then in the digiKam folder, I selected CMakeLists.txt file to run. First time there was an option to configure path for build directory. But now, every time, it creates a path there.

    So how to change that path for build directory?

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    What version of Qt Creator ?

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