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Creator: Documentation gone

  • Yesterday, my Creator 3.6.1 help system worked fine.
    Today, I get:

    The page could not be found
    Error loading: about:blank
    Check that you have the corresponding documentation set installed.

    Tools->Options->Help->Documentation shows a ton of auto-detected entries, but no obvious way to check whether they are valid or not.

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    Did you have any update done in between ?

    Are the files still in place ?

  • I haven't done any updates.
    Doc files are in place, but it's impossible to see from Qt Creator settings whether the registered help files are local or remote content. However, when I tried to add local help files, I received a "namespace already registered" error.

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    Sorry, I meant a system update.

    That's pretty strangeā€¦ The only quick way I can think of is to remove all the docs and add them again. Not the best answer but it should get you back on track.

  • I have tried to remove everything under "Options"-"Help"-"Documentation", then add qch files manually. No change. When I only remove everything and restart creator, the files are auto-detected, but docs still won't work.
    The only thing that is available is the Qt Creator manual - probably built-in.

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    What OS are you running ?

  • Windows 7x64

    Thanks for your replies so far. I have in the meantime made a support case out of it. I just hoped it would only be a minor thing that someone on the forums can tell me immediately.

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