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wi-fi : connection refused on one of my other computers while accessing it from ubuntu

  • I am experiencing some problems talking to a wi-fi computer . It won't let me connect to it from another computer using the same router using either dhcp or static ip ( an Actiontec VF1000 router) . My TV's and other devices are all hooked in and working fine , I have a samsung andriod working with the wireless, and even other computers will communicate with my ubuntu machine. When I try to connect up to this newer arm computer via cable , it connects without errors, but when I try to connect using the wi-fi using dhcp or static IP I get the following.
    connection refused
    Can anyone with some real good experience with wi-fi setups give me an idea how to get a handle on this problem?

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    Is this somehow related to Qt?

  • I discovered low voltage running into that particular computer and corrected it so it now gets 5.25 Vdc . I think that was the whole problem , since the motherboard had wifi built in to it and not usb connected that is..

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