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Can VLC-Qt widgets be used as Qt Widgets

  • I am using VLC-Qt library to play video files but the problem is that VlcWidgets cannot be used as QtWidgets . So, I cannot set the layout with buttons, video widget, slider etc in one parent widget. How can I fix this. Consider this example code :

    #include <QApplication>
    #include <VLCQtCore/Instance.h>
    #include <VLCQtCore/MediaPlayer.h>
    #include <VLCQtCore/MediaListPlayer.h>
    #include <VLCQtCore/MediaList.h>
    #include <VLCQtCore/Media.h>
    #include <VLCQtCore/VideoDelegate.h>
    #include <VLCQtWidgets/WidgetVideo.h>
    #include <QHBoxLayout>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
         QApplication a(argc, argv);
         QStringList lis{""};
         VlcInstance s(lis);
         VlcMediaListPlayer play(&s);
         VlcMediaList list(&s);
         return a.exec();

    When I run this code VlcWidgetVideo pops up but I want to but I want to add the widget into QLayout along with the control buttons. How can this be done ?

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    You can put VLC player in a layout and use it as any other widget. Check this example:

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    Why can't it be used a QWidgets ?

    From a quick look at the documentation WidgetVideo is a QWidget so you can put it in a layout.

    You have to create the WidgetVideo yourself and set it on your media player.

    WARNING: not tested, it comes from the documentation of VlcQt and their example.