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Run Qt network program in windows and linux

  • Hi
    I have qt network program ,when Run both side(server-gui and client) in qt creator in ubuntu with ip="" ,port=6424 ,they are connected together,and also when run both side in qt creator in windows with ip="" ,port=6424 ,they are connected together,
    and when run client side in windows and run my server in ubuntu and set my ubuntu ip="" port=6424 to connect they are connected together again
    when inverse it ,run client in ubuntu and server in windows and set my windows ip= port=6424 to connect they can't connect together
    but when run myserver.exe (generated in qt creator in windows and add .dll it need according to this link) and run client in ubuntu they can connected together !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I create script wizard for my server-gui when install and run from windows and run my client in ubuntu they can't connect together
    Why is this happening??how can I fix this??

    Best Regards

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you check that the Windows firewall doesn't block that port ?

  • tnx for your reply :)
    yes I turn off my firewall and it's work!!!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Then turn the firewall on again and add a rule that allows the use of that port.

  • ok,sure.....

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