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Compiling Program for OS X

  • Hey everyone, I'm new to this...but I need help, I am trying to configure Knotter for OS X
    ( but the instructions the creator have posted have me splitting hairs. I downloaded QT Online as told on his page (14.75 GB download to my Mac) and I have followed his directions as best I could, but it just will not cooperate. I am just wondering if anyone, I mean anyone that is familiar with this, can check out the link I posted in this message, and possibly send me DETAILED instructions (from scratch) on how to compile this application, or even if you can compile it for me (If thats not allowed then I apologize) and send it to me as a .zip file so I can use it on my Mac, it would be lifesaving !

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Looks like the sources are not ready yet for Qt 5.

    You can also download Qt 4 and use that to build it. Just follow the cloning instruction and then use qmake and make to build it.

    Or you can download a compiled version here (just built and started it, I haven't tested the software itself).

  • Thanks! Your compiled version worked! Now if I can just get the plugins for it to download, for whatever reason they just won't download....

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    Start it form the command line and see if you have any message coming from the application.

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