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Designer Not Working in Qt (New)

  • Hello,

    I am new to Qt and have been trying to understand and learn Qt for the past few hours and have been watching a good amount of tutorials but one thing is frustrating me my designer tab on the left right under welcome, edit etc. is not functioning it is just deactivated; deactivated meaning it is faded and not clickable I don't know what I'm doing wrong here but really want to understand how I can fix this and move on with learning , thanks

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Are you creating a new QWidget project ? If so did you create a new widget with the designer file option checked ?

  • Hey, thanks for the reply and also helping me gain familiarity of Qt.. I navigated around a bit more and followed what you stated and its functioning 100% fine.

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    You're welcome !

    Since you have it working now, please mark the thread as solved using the "Topic Tool" button so that other forum users may know a solution has been found :)

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