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QScrollArea resize

  • Hi everyone.
    I created a QScrollArea added there QWdiget, which contains QLayout in which different QCheckboxes
    QLayout contains QMargin from bottom and top.
    QScrollArea also in QLayout (vertical)

    Something like this

    QVBoxLayout* layout = new QVBoxLayout;
    layout->setContentsMargins(QMargins(details::GetLayoutLeftMargin(), 12, 0, 13));
    QWidget* scrollWidget = new QWidget;
        ...Filling laout by QCheckboxes

    If QMargins don't set to to Layout - during MainWindow resize (for example, maximize window) QScrollArea viewable zone resized to QWidget size and it's Vertical scroll dissapeared.
    But if set QMargins - scroll area never resized to QWidget size on resizing MainWiindow. Always left QMargin (bottom and top) zone for scrolling and Vertical scroll bar always is visible

    Maybe someone had the same problem?

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    Can you reproduce that with a minimal compilable example ?

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