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Qt Creator and Easier Embedded Development ?

  • Hello.

    Does anyone know, if Qt team is planing to have easier to use embedded development tools? What I mean, we have tons of very popular platforms, like: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Sparkfun, etc...

    But yet, we have no integration of any of those into Qt Creator. I managed to write code -> make -> upload some code to Arduino, but it took a lot of hacking, and yet, code auto-completion barley works as it all is just so hackish and not very productive.

    I wonder, if Qt Team is planing to have a nice integration for all those platforms, so we can just create a new project, choose the board and start coding, with full code auto-completion. It would make Qt an ultimate platform. Visual Studio has all those features.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt Creator already provides support for Bare Metal. Is it what you have in mind ?

    As for Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoneBlack and such, you usually cross-compile Qt for these boards and then connect to them using ssh through Qt Creator.

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