Can desktop kit in qt for android be used for opencv desktop development

  • Hello,
    Iam a newbie to qt. Can the desktop kit(mingw492_32) bundled with qt for android(5.6) be used for opencv 3.0 development in windows 7 desktop.


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    It is not really clear what you want to do.
    Do you want to develop with OpenCV AND Qt? Or only OpenCV?
    If you want to use Qt then you need Qt for MinGW.
    You should be able to use OpenCV with MinGW.

    Note: you cannot use MinGW with Qt for Android as it requires a different compiler (from NDK).

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the reply.
    I want to develop with opencv and qt for windows. I already have downloaded qt for android (5.6) in windows, which comes with mingw compiler for windows desktop. So my question is whether i can use the same to develop opencv with qt for windows desktop.
    I want to avoid downloading qt for windows using mingw(more than 1 gb size) if other one works fine.


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    Why did you install Qt for Android if you want to develop for Windows?
    You need to install Qt for MinGW.
    If you do not plan to develop for Android you can remove Qt for Android to safe space.

    MinGW cannot be used with Qt for Android. For Android you need the compiler from Android NDK (you have to install it separately). MinGW is a Windows port of gcc and generates Windows binaries.

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    @jsulm IIRC, the installers for Android and iOS come with a Qt for Desktop in addition to the builds for Android/iOS so you can start developing right away even if you don't have a device at hand.

  • @SGaist said:


    Hello all,

    Sorry for the late reply
    As SGaist said i was able to build and run qt with opencv successfully on windows desktop using mingw for desktop bundled with qt for android


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