QPushButton doesn't get the Focus in Linux Mint

  • I think I tried everything to make the Focus work.
    In my Form (QMainWindows) I set the focusPolicy property as "StrongFocus".
    Also I did it with my qpushbuttons and my lineEdits. But it does not work.
    Also I tried to set the property as "TabFocus" and didn't work.

    Among lineEdit, the Tab key works properly. But I never reach my qpushbutton.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi and welcome
    I tested with Qt 5.6 on win 10

    Default it just works.
    Can you try the sample and tell me if pressing tab dont move between buttons?

  • Hi,

    Thanks man for your soon answer, I downloaded your example but I got the following error trying build the project:

    :-1: warning: File `../focus_test/focus_test.pro' has modification time 2.8e+03 s in the future

    There are many lines as those.

    I assume it's because I am using the version 5.5.1.

    I will try to download the new version of Qt and I will try again and I will let you know if the problem disappeared.

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    This message is not related to Qt version. It just says that the modification time of the ../focus_test/focus_test.pro file is in the future. Just change something in that line (add a new line at the end) and save it.

  • Hi guys,

    Many thanks for your replay but I want to confirm that Qpushbutton has an issue in the focus [tabkey and setfocus()] for QT 5.5.1 32 bits on LINUX mint 17.3.

    I run my project in QT 5.6 64 bits and works fine !!!!

    So, we can close this topic or probably somebody know how to fix it.

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