Video frame rate on iMX6

  • Evaluating Qt for an iMX6-based application that needs to be able to run HD video (1920x1080) under Android. I have the QML Video Example running on a SABRE board from freescale but the frame rate is suffering. The "QML frame rate" text that is part of the application shows between 10-16.

    The CPU looks good (under 1.0) so I am confident that the video is being hardware accelerated but when I play the same video through the file system (say ES Media Player) then it runs smoother.

    I am using sample 1920x1080 h.264 videos from Digital Digest (i.e. example 1)

    I really like what I am seeing from Qt but I must be able to get full HD video playing smoothly in order to move forward with it.

    SABRE i.MX6 Quad
    Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop)
    QML Video Example
    h.264 video: 1920x1080 & 23.976 frames/sec (9000kbps)

    Playing it directly (not through a Qt app) plays great so I know the hardware can handle it--but I really want to use Qt as I am quickly becoming a "fanboy" of what it can do.

    Any way to get Qt to playback this video "silky smooth"?


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