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  • Hello folks, I need to develop a small GUI in Windows program and i have interest on qt lernen. My question is easy. My compiled object code, will run in another pc, without qt libraries installed?

    Thanks in advance, regards.

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    Hi and welcome
    You will install Qt Libs with your app.
    It cannot run without.
    ( its a few DLLS, not full Qt install)

    You can use static linking and remove the need for DLLS but exe becomes much bigger.
    Also to use this feature you must
    1: Own Qt license
    2: Your app is open source and code is downloadable

  • Thank you very much for your quick response

  • @yczo
    I use the Qt Windows Deployment Tool (http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/windows-deployment.html#the-windows-deployment-tool). This tool adds all necassary libraries, so you can deploy your application easily.

  • Thank you very much beecksche

  • @mrjj Wrong, he can use Qt under L-GPL so he is not obligated to provide his own source code as long as he complies with the license requirements.

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    As far as I know you cannot use
    STATIC linking and closed source
    with no Qt license. / open source version.

  • @mrjj IANAL. As long as the software is for "internal use" (company, organization, private) she can do with the LGPL code whatever she wants. And even beyond that, technically speaking, she doesn't have to provide her sources to the users as long as she provides binaries (object files) that the users can link with another Qt version.

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    I ANAL :)
    my fav expression :)
    Yeah in theory, the .o files should be enough.
    But why does all then use dynamic linking when using the open version?

    If providing .o files are considered enough to allow modification
    even without access to source code ?

  • @mrjj Sure, that is only a theoretical option on platforms that allow dynamic linking. But AFAIK one has to statically link software for the iOS app store (or whatever Apple calls it).

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    Ok. Didn't know .o files would be acceptable.
    That is great news if you can use static linking and just provide a zip with .o files.

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    Sure, that is only a theoretical option on platforms that allow dynamic linking.

    I already had this discussion some time ago. You can do whatever linking you want, the only thing that's different on Apple's OS-es appears to be the "missing" statically built runtime; so you can only link the runtime dynamically (which, as I pointed out then is how I think it should be in the first place). But, as I don't use OS X, iOS nor iWhatever, you're very much welcome to mistrust me ... :D

  • Thank you so much everyone

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