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    I am using Qt 5.6 mingw on Windows 10 64x for developing a crossplatform app (desktop + mobile). in Qt 5.5 ,I could use webkit to make a crossplatform app for showing web pages in my app ,so I could use it in windows and android and ios... but today I realized we can't use it also can't use QtWebView for windows and also can't use QtWebEngine by mingw...and I am so confused..what is the best choice? what should I do? just I want to show webpage using qt 5.6 mingw (android version--> desktop+mobile) can I hope to solve it in Qt next versions?

    • Edit: even, when i want to run Qt special webview (minibrowser) example, it shows qmake error:
    • Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: webenginewidgets Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: webview

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    QtWebKit for Android and iOS ? Highly unlikely, since both platform forbids the use of non-native web views and there was no ports.

    Taking a quick look at the QtWebView module, there's a QtWebEngine backed WebView when that module is available. So currently you should be able to use that module on all the platforms you are interested in provided that you use a compiler that is supported by QtWebEngine. Note that the compiler constraint doesn't come from Qt but from the Chromium project.

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