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How do I launch QtDesigner if I have QtCreator 3.6.1?

  • I'm trying to follow this tutorial:

    and near the beginning it says:

    For OS X you can download the PyQt via homebrew:

    $ brew install pyqt

    And QtCreator (which contains Qt Designer) here:

    I didn't install via homebrew; I installed the latest Qt via:


    which provided me with Qt5.6 and QtCreator 3.6.1.

    Next, the tutorial says:

    Open up Qt Designer and you should see a new form dialog, pick a "Main Window" and click "Create"

    But when I launch QtCreator, I can't figure out how to open QtDesigner. There's a Design button, but it is disabled. How do I get to the "New Form" dialog?


  • Nevermind, I figured it out:

    1. From the menu bar (outside QtCreator), click on:
      File>New File or Project

    2. You will be presented with a "New File or Project " dialog window. In the "Files And Classes" section, select "Qt". In the middle pane, select "QtDesigner Form". Then click on the “Choose” button in the lower right corner.

    3. You will be presented with a “QtDesigner Form” dialog window. Select "Main Window", then click on the “Continue” button in the lower right corner.

    4. In the "Location" dialog window, use a name like mainwindow1.ui, and for the path you might want to step aside and create a directory called forms, e.g. $ mkdir /Users/7stud/qt_projects/forms, then enter that as the path.

    5. Enter any other details and click on "Done". That will land you in QtCreator with the Design button selected (which I guess means you are in QtDesigner), and you will be able to drag and drop widgets onto your window.

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    Just in case, Designer itself is independent of Qt Creator (which has a designer plugin) so you can launch it by hand through e.g. Spotlight if that suites your needs best.

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