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Qt proyect 4.8 mix with Qt 5.5

  • Hi to everyone i have the next question is possible use into qt project with 4.8 a dll, or .lib created with qt 5.X
    The case is next, i was assigned to old project, he was developed with qt 4.8 but i need add a new functionality, and for the time is hard the migration to Qt 5.x, (the functionality implemented json and http requests, this 2 things not exist in qt 4.8), and so i think if ¿i can create this functionalities with qt 5.x and export like with a dll or .lib for their use? (and what happens with their dependencies), or is better try to export to qt 5.x or implement directly this modules in qt 4.8.

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    No you can't mix both series of libraries in the same projects.

    Unless you are using some specific stuff that's been removed in Qt 5, the Qt 4 to Qt 5 port is usually pretty painless.

    What function exactly do you need form Qt 5 that's not available in Qt 4 ?

  • @SGaist the jsons classes and http post classes(exist by 3rd libraries), but now i'm try to port all the code from qt 4.8 to qt 5.5 (i hope have success)

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    IIRC, there was already a QJson library available.

    What http post classes ? Qt 4 already provided QNetworkAccessManager.

  • @SGaist said:


    ok, i know by Qjson (but is for a 3rd and i preffer use the official) i forget the existence of QNetworkAccessManager.

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