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QtCreator disable run button adding existing file

  • When i add an existing file to a project the run and debug buttons become and stay disabled (grayed) both on the main gui and by build menu, the only way to enabled them again is to remove a file from the project (or close and open again the creator).
    Right now i'm using QtCreator 3.6.1 but this problem started on older version of the editor (can't remember exactly from wich one), so i got the habit to create a dummy empty file for the purpose to do an add&remove action and resotre the buttons.
    I have the same behavior on different pcs and os, happens also on a fresh install, so i'm not sure how to fix it or if i'm missing something.

    I made a short video for easier understanding:


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    In the panels you can have at the bottom, you should add the "General Messages", that might give a clue at what is happening.

  • Thanks for the reply but in the general messages tab nothing is shown while adding or removing files from the project, i have to enable an extensive logging option to see anything?

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    You can start Qt Creator from the console with QT_LOGGING_RULES="qtc.*=true" defined. Beware, you'll have all logging messages shown there. Take a look at what might be relevant and you can modify the rules to show less stuff.

  • I have set the enviroment variable QT_LOGGING_RULES as you described but the general message tab is still empty, there is another way to send this debugging options to the creator?
    Where i can find docs about all the parameters i can set for the qtc. group?

    I have noticed that when you add an existing file and the run button become and stay disabled if i check the project page on run settings there is a warning message "The .pro file ... could not be parsed", at this point doing any action that force the creator to parse the .pro file again fix the problem, like removing a file or change the .pro file like adding an empty space.

    My problem looks very similar to this one:

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    You'll find that information in the sources of Qt Creator.

    Can you test that with the latest beta ? If it's still happening then you should go to the bug report system to see if it's something known.

  • I have downloaded Qt Creator 3.6.83 (4.0.0-rc1), the one with the flat style, and looks like there is the same problem.
    Doing a search I can't find any bug report similar to this one for the project qtcreator so i'm going to open a new one, thanks for the advice

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    Thanks ! Please post a link to your report here so people may find it more easily :)